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Winning the Buy Box is essential to your business
An adept Repricer is essential for winning the Buy Box

Most Amazon buyers end up buying from the buy box winner. FBA sellers agree that winning and keeping the buy box at an optimal price while competitors are continually changing prices can only be done with a repricer.

Maximize your sales

Alpha Repricer can help you increase your sales.

Buy Box winner means high sales

Maximize your profits

Alpha Repricer can help you increase your profits.

"This tool gives you access to the best price in the market at all times. It continually reprice your listing, enabling you to beat the competition."

Alpha Repricer supports multiple Amazon marketplaces

Announcing new supported Amazon marketplaces
Alpha Repricer introduces repricing for Amazon Mexico, Amazon Brazil and Amazon India.

  • United States Marketplace
  • Canada Marketplace
  • United Kingdom Marketplace
  • France Marketplace
  • Germany Marketplace
  • Italy Marketplace
  • Spain Marketplace
  • Mexico Marketplace
  • Brazil Marketplace
  • India Marketplace

Alpha Repricer supported marketplaces

Created by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers

Alpha Repricer was created by sellers. After trying a few different repricing softwares and being disappointed with the lack of features, dependability and cost, we decided to create our own solution.

The cherry on top

Alpha Repricer provides vital and innovative features without cutting back on the basics.


The most bang for your buck. Full set of features, round the clock support, all for an exceptional price.

Phone Support for No Extra Charge

Got an issue? Have a question? We are a phone call away. We provide phone support to all our customers with no extra charges.


Alpha Repricer provides continuous/instantaneous repricing. Your items will reprice immediately and continuously against the competition.

Customized Packages for Large Customers

Not finding a package of your choice? Contact us for any size plan. We can handle millions of SKUs.

Amazon repricing
has never been easier

No need to spend time researching the market and repricing each of your items individually. Easily set parameters, like your lowest price point, or which sellers you want to compete with and let Alpha Repricer's automated workflow do the rest!

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Create a free account. No billing info is required.

Import inventory

Link to your Amazon account and import will start automatically.

Setup profiles

Setup your Repricing Profiles by defining configurable rules.

Start repricing

Select which inventory items you'd like to enable Repricing.

Free onboarding

We provide free on-boarding sessions to assist you in quickly getting familiar with our tool. The free one-on-one training will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to use our repricing engine more effectively. The on-boarding is included in your 14-day free trial.

Grow your business with a foolproof price strategy

Having the best price in the market means more sales. Allow Alpha Repricer to continuously watch the market and reprice your listings for you. Your prices can go up or down according to your rules.

Features that allow you to control every aspect of your inventory

  • Repricing profiles

    Setup custom repricing profile parameters according to your business needs and attach them to all or selected inventory items.

  • Launch directly

    Launching items straight from Alpha Repricer by searching from catalogs. Once launched, items will be automatically synced with Amazon.

  • Advanced dashboard and reports

    Dashboard shows dynamic graphs of repricing overview and competition history. See info such as repriced amount, Buy Box winner yes/no, etc. Sales reports provide critical insight into your business.

  • Sync inventory

    Alpha Repricer keep your inventory in sync with Amazon automatically. You can also manually sync your inventory with Amazon.

  • Use our quick guide for help

    Quick help is available on all screens. Hover over the question mark icons to be guided on how to enter required information or for quick explanations. Turn guide off when no longer needed.

  • Powerful logging

    Alpha Repricer's unique item log provides best in industry level of detail of Item competition, offers received, action taken by repricing engine and Buy Box winner.

Sales Overview

Alpha Repricer provides comprehensive sales and marketplace overview with channel analytics.

Sales overview, Sales graph, Sales Analytics dashboard


Get a summary of your sales in a glance.

See the dashboard to check your number of orders or your total sales amount by the day, week and month or by using a custom view.


Sync orders with Alpha Repricer

See the orders for your items from each of your Amazon marketplaces.


Marketplace analytics

Use the analytics from the dashboard to see which marketplaces your sales are coming from. Adjust your prices and strategy using the analytics.


Sales and Marketplace overview

Get an overview of your sales and orders for each of your Amazon marketplaces.

Compete effectively with all of your competition type

Price differently

Price differently for all competition types i.e. Amazon, FBA, SFP and MFN.

Beat or Match

Select between beat or match to set prices accordingly.

Increase price or Ignore

Set price higher by an amount or percentage. You can also ignore other competitor(s).

Add additional percentage

While setting competition setting, you can add additional percentages for all competition type.

Configure Buy Box Amazon and FBA competition

Choose who you compete with

Narrow down competitors with minimum feedback scores, ranking or shipping duration.


Exclusively compete with sellers meeting a minimum ranking percentage.


Enter minimum feedback score for your competitors.


Narrow down competitors according to shipping duration.

Domestic and International

Filter competitors providing domestic shipping, international shipping or both.

Competition scenario

Configure if you are a buy box winner

If a Buy Box Winner

Configure when your price match with minimum price of competitior

Matches your Minimum

Configure when competitor price is below your minimum price

Below your Minimum

Configure when there is not competition

No competition

Formula based Min/Max prices

Create formulas based on acquisition cost, item shipping, Amazon fees to set your min and max prices.

Set minimum and maximum prices by formula

Test your Min/Max formula

Test your formula by entering prices before applying to inventory item(s).

Profit based minimum and maximum configuration or profit based repricing

Include & exclude sellers and locations

Narrow down the competition by including or excluding sellers and their locations.

Include and exclude seller from competition

Include & Exclude Sellers

You can include sellers which you know are core competitors and exclude sellers not suitable for competition.

Include & Exclude Locations

Exclude ship from locations or only compete with sellers from specific locations.

Repricing overview

Keep an eye on your repricing activity.

Offer types

See who your nearest competitor is.

Total repricing

See how many of your items have been repriced.

Time periods

See your reports by days, months, years or custom time periods.


See graphs by marketplace.

Amazon Repricing Overview

Item analytics including Buy Box history, item history, sales and repricing log

Item Analytics with amazon repricing log, repricing history, item history

Repricing analytics graph

See how many Buy Box you won or how many of your items repriced to their min and max.

Buy Box won

Repriced to min

Repriced to max

Amazon repricing analytics

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Use FTP to update your inventory!
For the sellers who use an inventory management system or vendor provided prices, Alpha Repricer lets you update your inventory through FTP. To use our free FTP service open a ticket to get FTP credentials and start updating your Min, Max, current prices and acquisition cost. More FTP features coming soon with added flexibility and automation.

Test drive your repricing in test mode

Checkout our new test mode which allows you to safely see how your items will reprice without changing your prices at Amazon. In this safe mode you can test your repricing strategies and profiles without affecting your sales. This allows you to perfect your repricing profile before you go live. Please note that your prices on Amazon will not change until you go to live mode by turning off test mode.

Auto sync

Pricing or other changes you make at Alpha Repricer are continually and automatically sent to Amazon by our Auto Sync engine.

Spreadsheet support

Download your listings with current, min and max prices in spreadsheet format. Make changes and upload to Alpha Repricer with new prices.

Advanced Search

We have added advanced search and filters which makes you to find required items easily and perform operations.

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Our repricing engine increases your chances to win the Buy Box. Our system uses the rules you set, to help you get the Buy Box and maximize your profits.

Become a Amazon Buy Box winner
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Our customer support team is available around the clock to help you. We offer phone support to all our customers, even for the free trial.

An affordable solution

Whether you're a popular sellers, or just starting out, we have an affordable solution for you. A Bronze plan lets you use the full range of features for less than 1000 SKUs.

Affordable amazon repricing, low price amazon repricing

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