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Alpha Repricer continuously reprices your listings to ensure you beat the competition.

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Having the lowest price in the market means more sales. Allow Alpha Repricer to continuously watch the market and reprice your listings on your behalf.

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No need to spend time researching the market and repricing each of your items individually. Easily set parameters, like your lowest price point, or which sellers you want to compete with and let Alpha Repricer’s automated workflow do the rest!

Features that allow you to control every aspect of your inventory

  • Repricing Profiles

    Setup custom repricing profile parameters according to your business needs and attach them to all or select inventory items.

  • Launch Directly

    Launch items straight from Alpha Repricer by directly searching from catalogs. Once launched, items will be automatically synced with your inventory on Amazon. None of our competitors provide this feature.

  • Advanced Reports

    Dashboard shows dynamic graphs of repricing overview and competition history. See info such as How Many Offers Received, Action Taken by Repricing Engine, Repriced Amount, Buy Box Winner Yes/No, etc.

  • Sync Inventory

    Sync up or sync down your inventory with Amazon anytime with a click of a button.

  • Select Competitors

    Choose who you’d like to compete with – featured sellers, sellers under FBA, recently launched sellers, or even include/exclude specific sellers by name.

  • Powerful Logging

    Logs show an item’s full history – Details of Item Competition, Offers Received, Action Taken by repricing engine and Buy Box winner. We can proudly claim that none of our competitors provide thorough repricing logging.

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